Friday, 17 March 2017

Win something?

Before I am getting bored to myself, FaceBook is my past time haha. And I love to get myself busy. It is good for me ^.^ Getting baby stuffs can be very expensive in nowadays, unlike our parents and grandparents to their old days time which cost few things only. I am sure all of you parents to be out there, there are many ways we can have unnecessarily to get expensive stuffs for child. Think and do smart. 
I have been advised by my friends who have kids before me. They get stuffs DIY most of time for their kids. I am amazed by their strengths towards children. And moreover they do spend quality time with kids which are far more important in their bonding relationship, mother-child's love. 

Well, I win something? Yeah there was a contest giveaway where I saw an ad. 

I say to myself, why not I should try and get something for my child?

There it was a go for me.

I did not much in expectation to get win. I myself in a little surprise.

I won?
 I was much happier to get something for my child who is going to love it.

 A batman romper!

I received it by post.

Thank you so much Baby Becker for the giveaways!
Do drop by getting more information on their products through online shopping. 
Baby Becker is German-Malaysian startup company in Kuala Lumpur.

Get one love for your kid?
~ Happy Online Shopping Day ~