Wednesday, 7 June 2017


The meaning of "GOO.N"
The name GOO.N comes from ぐんぐん (gun-gun). This Japanese phrase refers to a baby's steady growth. The GOO.N brand name reflects our desire for all babies to keep growing.

GOO.N won "The Best Mother Awards 2012" in Japan.

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a pack Goo.N Friend Pants Super Jumbo Doraemon Edition (M Size) RM 36
Baby Wipe RM 8
> Goo.N Limited Edition Penguin Baby Wipe Box RM50

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It is the first time I hear about this newly brand that imports from Japan. Well, I am now happily to introduce this brand to my child that he will be able to use it well.

My baby has liked the cute Goo.N Limited Edition Penguin Baby Wipe Box though he is still a baby. The tissue wipe is good in containing 99% purified water.
Paraben Free. Alcohol Free. Wave embossed sheet for effective, easy wiping. Eco friendly design. Easy use refill dispenser. Airtight container, to keep wipes moist. Safety lock.

But I would like to say that there got a bit of alcohol in it. However I do not use it on baby's mouth and face but use it on the body will do. 

What is the Safety Lock?
The Safety Lock is locked upon purchase. Please unlock before use. To unlock, pull the upper part of the bill towards you, until you hear a click. To lock, push in the upper of the bill, until you hear a click.

The Refill Dispenser Interior
Handy markings make refills easy!
Line up the guide marks on the feet to secure the bottom tray in place.
There are marks on both sides.
Line up the ▲ mark.
The ■ mark is on the reserve side.

Yes. It is a refill dispenser interior which enables me to use in anytime anywhere easily getting a new tissue wipe. Without hard to find where is my tissue wipe, there this cute penguin baby wipe box helps me much to get in quick when my baby has poops and pees without any troubles.

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This is Goo.N Friend Pants Super Jumbo Doraemon Edition which I just found that this is edition one. Oh, my baby then is so lucky to try this in Size M but unfortunately, I have to wait until my baby is bigger bit then he will try this.

This diaper is M size pants with 58pcs for 7-12kgs. It is for unisex baby. It is also stretching size, more flexible and suitable for every movement. Its technology of magical gel, allows for better and quicker absorbency. Besides that, its soft tender like fluffy cotton, gives your baby the superior comfort. Breathable sheet helps ventilate the air through the surrounding, no need to worry about moisture. Moreover, take out easily, just tear off the side seal, and then the diaper can be changed. 
How good and cool is it...

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