Tuesday, 14 March 2017

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On the journey to Penang, I was feeling amaze for not having had deep nausea and my child loves Penang food! My hubby and I were rather surprised. So sooner I brought my pink book to be transferred to Govt Penang Clinic near my home for progress checkups. And I was able to get my health checkup for second time. Since my mom has much worried, that is why I will have my longer stay with family.

My mom and I went to hosp. private, GMC for the further checkup whole progress up. The result is still the same. So my breast surgeon doctor, Ms.Teh has had explained to us clearly. Then I had biospy minor surgical to take the sample on my right breast when I was just barely at about 4-5 months pregnant. The surgical took me within 30 minutes done. After 2 weeks later, I was told by the Dr. that it is benign which is not harmful in effect. Even though both breasts have had cysts. But they will be going away later. What a good relieve all to us. 

I was taking flight home back to KL to get my stuff to be done when I was around 18-21 weeks during 2nd trimester. Being a new mommy to be may be is a new little strange to me as I am experiencing this whole new progress. He he. My baby has been teaching me to understand a child's love. I do feel his movements and kicking. At a time, baby kicks so hard I told my hubby to feel it. He was so in good excitement and really enjoying our child's love. 

Back to Penang as usual, I was quite busy with everything. Regular checkups with hosp and clinic have quite tired me much. For this baby's sake, I am doing it for goodness to the both of us. At clinic, I got 'bla..bla...' from nurses and dr on health issue. I am forced to take glucose drink tests which I hate it. No choice, right? And I am also monitoring on food intakes, taking supplements and it is not much fun at all. I now understand being 9 months pregnant is not easy for most of women to endure everything.

My family and relatives everyone is so exciting to meet my child and I am glad to be able to bring my child's little joyous to the family. 

This child is indeed a blessing to all of us, especially me and my love.

God's precious child.