Monday, 13 March 2017

Our wedding photos

They are taken at Universal Studio, Jalan Ipoh Kuala Lumpur.
 I was barely only 4 months old pregnant bride to get in our shooting photography.
It was good to feel in that way.

We both decided not to make any wedding event because at first place we thought we wanted an event but in end after we found out we are having our 1st child. Then we prefer not to make it big as it is not our intention to do so. Moreover, nowadays wedding stuffs are quite expensive. We prefer to go with on our own. Traveling, Home and much more we can have. We are very much a modern couple.

We understand wedding event is a must in a once lifetime. One thing, we are done with our Registration of Marriage which is very important to us where God is our 1st witness. 

We do hope all of you do enjoy flipping at our wedding photos over here. 

 Stay tuned...for next more of photos to go still.