Tuesday, 14 March 2017

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It is a child blessing.
 Last year around in the end of July 2016, I have had few cysts on both breasts and stomach and also endometrium thickness when I made a check up at a clinic, Kelana Jaya which is recommended by my cousin after I had my previous check up at goverment Shah Alam Hospital. The pain has caused me so much especially at my stomach area, it was like a very heavy stomach twist up so hard that hits me. Even though I have gastric. It was not like gastric pain but this one was a very painful feeling. My period has not came up that since too.. almost close to 2 momths. I was in a little worried.

So I have zero knowledge about what is cyst and endometrium thickness. Hence, my cousin has explained to me, I was hardly to understand. I was determined to know what it is the causes. I what-sapped my mom and she did not so sure about it. So I went to google to find the definitions. To my own relieve, I came to understand that cyst and endometrium thickness are common in the among of women. And then my doctors did not say anything on my case unnecessarily to remove cysts. I have no idea at all. I have had heavy period which that causes me to have the blood clot...imagine it? I never experienced such as this. That's why I have endometrium thickness.

And I crossed this FaceBook page calls "Mommies Wellness Centre" and "Menstrual Pro Rahsia Ajaib". They are same centres. After I have much followed up with their reviews on their products. Most of them women get pregnant successfully. It is great to know all of them are wanting for a child. But to me, I am focusing more on my health case, if they can help me to disappear my cysts without removing them. My husband gets me to there if they can help me. 

At the Mommies Wellness Centre at Seri Kembangan, I have asked and checked with Dr. Kawitha who is a gynae doctor and showed her my ultrasound results. She has recommended me to take Menstrual Pro (MP) it will helps me to cleanse my uterus not my breasts. So I tried it even though it is a Malay herbs and I believe it has good Malay ingredients. And I even checked the ingredients and surprised they are good for body health. I am told most women have tried Menstrual Pro (MP) from 2 bottles to 6 bottles. That means it takes you around 2 weeks to 3 months. 

RM 80 per bottle that comes with free shaker and book guide.
I have tried this MP product for 2 1/2 weeks and I even loved it. Like one of good supplement I have had. It tasted like orange vitamin juice. quite delicious. Drank before breakie and one before sleep at night in each day.  

In the bottle, they even provide spoon. Take 2 scoops to mix with lukewarm water 
After that, I felt discomfort and what-sapped one of the nurses at the centre. I am told to stop it for a while. I did. The following days I did not feeling quite well which leaves me to think of my condition what was wrong with me. I even felt like want to fall sick. I took one day MC, went to see doctor and I had URTI. URTI stands for Upper Respiratory Tract Infections. I had it once when I was in my 20s. I knew how it feels like. So I told my hubby I have had no appetites most of time. I often had quite few passing motions. I ate small meal portions most of time. My stomach has hurted sometimes at nights. It was pushing me ups and downs. I vomited. Then the few days next, I was going back to office my throat did not feel want to eat anything and whenever there is food I could not stand with the smell. I felt like want to vomit at all time. My hubby has noticed that it was not a normal for me. So we both have decided to take up UPT test soon (urine pregnancy test) as my period has not came for 2 months already. It has worried us. Like usual, I was keeping myself to work at office. At work, I have tried to stand much as long as I can. When I carried a box for colleague's requirement to find material, I sat like in the squat way and I felt my tummy hurts but it did not bother me at all.  So after my working hour, I have asked my hubby to bring me to Watson.

We bought 2 UPTs and Gavison Liquid to relieve my tummy. Upon on reaching home, I was quickly taking one of the UPT. I was so much patient and anxiety at the same too. When the UPT test has finally come to its result. There I saw a red line at the T (test) and another a red line at the C (control). I knew I was in quite nervous, did not going to believe it at all - 2 red lines! POSITIVE. In a quiet moment, hubby was asking me what is the result. I said 2, showed him the UPT. He was asking me is it positive and I said yes. We both were surprised and shocked.  And there my tummy has ached me again. My hubby has asked me to re-confirm again on taking the 2nd UPT in the next day. The result was also positive.

1st UPT Test (DiscloSure Brand) RM 5.30

2nd UPT Test

Then in the couple of weeks later, we both went to clinic Sec. 19 to see a doctor for health check up. I was supposed to follow up on my regular blood pressure. I told doctor about my condition. So doctor has moved me to mother & child department for more observation. I was asked to do blood / urine tests and even opened a pink book for pregnancy record. Finally I got to see a doctor and explained my condition. Doctor then examined me on ultrasound scan and told me it is a baby. I said..., "what....a baby?", "are you sure it is a baby?" She said yes. I said wait, I had cyst and endometrium thickness. She said huh, and she checked on my tummy again. She said there was no cyst and endometrium thickness at all! What she has checked is a baby! I was kinda in shock and could not believe it. Moreover my baby is already 8 weeks old (2 months)!. Doctor gave me the baby scan picture.
I told my hubby and he was in surprise and shock too. He was even loss for word. However, this little tiny has in my womb I am so blessed by God. God has given us this little gift.

To keep on following up on my pregnancy health with doctor, i was infected again with URTI. Doctor has asked me to Shah Alam Hospital to receive water sodium so I will feel much better then. During the month of Sept, I could not focus well on working and hard to keep balance I was taking up. I was also having had deep nausea. I vomited 15 times in per day. And sometimes at a time, I vomited 8-10 times in per day most of the days. So much bad swing mood I was having had. I even caught up in a heavy cough for a week! It was so tough for me. No appetite at all!
I could not force myself up to continue to work and I know I need a good a lot of rest according to my health. Thus, I have resigned from work. Since that, I have been so much vomiting until I did really miss my homesick. I told my hubby. Then we have decided to have me home to my hometown to get closer to my family. 
My hubby and I took MAS flight home to Penang.

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