Wednesday, 7 June 2017

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Thank you so much to
Orca Innovation Sdn Bhd
to get such a lovely nifty toothbrush cover with a unique patented design for my baby!

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Flipper is a cleverly-designed mechanism where they store your toothbrush in an enclosed compartment and yet opens/ closes automatically and conveniently. It is also help you to keep your toothbrush easily and hygienically. With a properly-enclosed storage, it protects your toothbrush from contamination by airborne bacteria, dust and other foreign particles that may cause oral diseases. Besides, it's simple, adorable and fun to use!

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When I open this toothbrush cover, I find how cute and adorable it is! And amazingly, it is just 1 minute sand timer! Which you can see the sand turns down from up. This toothbrush cover can rotate eyes and time your brushing too! It can be placed on the glass or mirror. It is the best thing is to take it for travelling.

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My baby got this OWL SMARTY toothbrush cover! Blue color will be his always liking. 

There are 3 different colors. Green - Earthy, Orange - Hearty and Blue - Smarty.

This toothbrush cover is ideally for babies and kids those are into make brushing fun to educate them on how to clean up their teeth. 

I believe that my baby Ben will love it because he always wanted to have one of his own to belong to. 
I know kids who cannot stay quiet often, thus having this toothbrush cover will help kids to love on turning over their sand timer until all their teeth are clean and their brushing is done. It is also help them to know having the OWL to keep them in a friendly environment. It is also teaches them to be independent too.

How much is this toothbrush cover?
RM 23.90

For ordering. Do check them out online.