Wednesday, 18 January 2017

There is a story behind this name,


Our friends are always refer to us both, Coffee and Tea. Thus, I name us this special TieCoffeeTeaBow where we are meant for each other. Coffee refers to my darling, Henry and Tea represents me, Sue. Henry's skin is brown and my skin is yellow. 

Of course, we do come from the different races. Henry is a mixed of Sri Lankan & Tamil Indian man and I am pure Chinese woman. But one thing about us the same is we are from the silence world. 

We are belonging to the silence world and yet become a part of our lives together. The only one – we know in the silence world where we both always care for each other. The color of races is a gift by God and we love God for having us here. We are the same human all by equally.

May be some of you do think color of races is an issue. Let’s say I come from a silence world and I do have a hearing world too. I am the only one Deaf person in the family. I am very much fortunate to have a wonderful family whose love me for the person who I am. I am very much to the oralisam way where I am used to speak to everyone and only sign with my Deaf friends. My family does not know how to sign well. My mom signs a bit. And I love my cousins who do sign so well, accept the way I am and they are comfort to do that. They want me to feel their worlds, as we both are around the same age. We experienced the childhood life, we all were so cheeky monkeys, rascals, crazy go after ever and much more we did together. We cousins are much alike one in siblings’ love. I have multi-races in my family. And when it comes to my love life, it might be a little strange I have the opposite race who loves me. Well, I have been observing things, people, world and much more around me. When I first dated Henry, my husband I knew there is no much far difference in our races. It is just the skin colors. Our hearts are the matter that most of all time.

Somehow, Henry is the other side for who he is. He is a simply man does not bother at all. Everything is a gift by God. He is so blessed with a wonderful family. He is the 3rd Deaf generation in the family. All his siblings do sign and his mother uses visual gestures where he is completely understood. He has had lead a normal childhood where he is used to have much fun with his many cousins and life is not an obstacle to him.  He comes to understand life is a journey where everybody stands on his or her own feet’s.

Love conquers all. Love is no boundaries at all despite of crossing this two special of different culture in us.

How we have known to each other?
Fact : We both have known to each other in the same high school at Tanjung Bungah in Penang. We were in the different classes by 4 years apart. I was quite a popular girl back in the old schooling days. Being the only studious girl in class. There is no love on my side though every of my gal friend has their love stories to share with.  I was an ugly betty is known among the boys. I wore a big glasses, skinny and geek girl. I played sports and of course I hate sports as well.  He is the other one who loves sports so much and very well in all games he has taken in every part. He was so popular and being the brilliant boy in the school too!  He wore his school uniform smartly all time. I never saw such an Indian boy who looks always neat. He has had his first love who would make every teacher has the big headache despite of his crazy in love. By the time being, it was something that I could feel that I once liked him and knowing that it was impossible. As the time has been passed by, he has had completed his SPM (O level) and left of few years later I have completed my high school then.

How I met him?

It has late in the year 2008, where I was first time introduced to the world of social media. I was 24 years old then. It is the FaceBook I have signed up. I uploaded many gorgeous pictures. I love taking pictures. And of course, my FaceBook was mainly open to my family members. I never thought of that old friends would appear in that social media way. I was then shocked and found another way to find my old friends and rekindle the friendship back then. I was so much fun and busy with my own life having a wonderful high jump with my friends I have missed the tons of fun since I was in teen time. Graduation from college and heartbroken relationship with my 2 years of hearing boyfriend. I have worked with wonderful company and colleagues. Came back from Japan has been transformed my whole life where I was busy focusing on my hectic lifestyle. Until one day I browsed my FaceBook page, spotted an upcoming message on the right top I open to read. First, I looked at the name and it was so surprised me and I never expected that much. It was Henry in his full name. His message is a kind of flirty one. I was very much fun to have a good time responded to him back.  He spelled out my full name well.  To my unbelievable I got my school magazine to see whether I see it in real or not. And I verify yes it is he was. Oh my gosh! I told God it could not him after I have several dated guys but none of them was successful. He has asked for my phone number and we exchanged. God has spoken to me; it was he who would be my forever one. I never expected that he would come into my life that ever since.

How I met her?

I was first time introduced to the world of social media by my sister. It was kind of freak thing to me as I was new to the technology for my age that time. I was 28 years old on that time. My life was moving slow back then. I was enjoying to lead a normal life where I was kind of a laid back person I would miss much of things around. Till I found her, she was so beautiful from whom I have known as an ugly betty back in high school days. God has spoke to me many times, I chose her as my life partner. I never thought it was she who would changes my life. Every day I was so crazy at her and she means a lot to me.


The relationship of our love;

I was somewhat like who does not serious of love matter in my life. Henry has finally opened up my wretched heart I have lost in the past and he has brought me to understand what a life means. He even showers me much of love, tender, patience, and understanding and yet he is a true man to heart. He has helped me to build a foundation life where I could see the optimize side. He is the best partner I have ever had who can lend a shoulder to lean for.  -Sue

I was so crazy to love her, Sue my life. I would have asked her many ton of time to be my girlfriend. She was not that simply woman I have ever tried to seduce off away. She was then so busy with her own life than thinking of a love would come to her! I was so much hard to win her heart. I took 4 hrs bus ride just want to meet her in person after such a long time. In fact, we both were from the same high school but we never had the chance to speak to each other. Looking from a distance, I knew she was a bright student in the school. And I never thought she is my life I found the beautiful side of her I began to love all. -Henry

Of course, there this relationship we do love, care, doubt, envy, and argue. But still we both have the basic of foundation where we always bring the issues to talk about and solve it at once. Love does always rekindle in any time and anywhere. Love is always patient and pure.

The rest is history…